Welcome To Pearlington, Mississippi

Welcome To Pearlington, Mississippi

Pearlington Mississippi has become a second home to the Ayers family.  Pearlington is located 8 miles north of the Gulf Coast along the Pearl River.  On  August 29, 2005, the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed right over Pearlington.  After the winds and the rains of the hurricane, there was a tidal flood., which flooded everything up to the roofs of most houses.  Some were killed, some survived the storm by breaking holes in the ceilings and holding onto rafters.  Others passed the storm in the branches of trees.  Between those two events, this small town was destroyed.

In September following the storm, a team from my church went down to help.  God had a plan to connect Bethlehem Baptist Church, my church in Minneapolis to this small town.  The story of how God connected these two communities is pretty amazing.  For the story;

Part 1 – The Path to Pearlington

Part 2 –  Help and Hope

In March of 2006, the Ayers family made their first trip to Pearlington.  The stories from that trip are;

Welcome to Pearlington, The Ministry of Walking alongside, The Faces of Pearlington and the Pre-Pearlington Stuggle can all be found here.

The Best Thanksgiving describes our first Thanksgiving in Pearlington.  It was an amazing time of watching God work in the lives of Children.

An Exceptional survival story as recorded by Wendy Frost – Pastor Burton survived the storm in a tree.  His was the first survival story I heard.

There are more stories from Pearlington and our ministry trips here.

But God is not done yet – There is a trip planned for Summer 2009.  Updates from that trip will be posted on this blog.  Psalm 16:6  says, “The lines have fallen for me (the Ayers family) in pleasant places; indeed I (we) have a beautiful inheritance.” God has given us much through our friendships in Pearlington.  We have been changed forever because of them.


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