Family Fun

We are still deciding on a name for this page.  Some choices are – Ayers Activities or Family Happenings.  Let us know which one you like better or if you have a better name for this family page.  .  For now it is Family Fun – a little alliteration! (Yes I am preparing a poetry lesson for fall and just did a section on alliteration!) 

May Storm

We worked really hard to get the garden planted.  Got it in the ground just in time for . . . .

Yes that is hail bouncing off of the Grass!

Yes that it is HAIL bouncing off of the ground! 

The Garden after the storm

The Garden after the storm – still standing but surrounded by little balls of ice!


Little balls of ice by the sliding glass door – pea size to quarter size.  Reminded me a little of Christmas and the snow fall that we had this past year.  Amazing – until you were up close, you really couldn’t tell the difference – snow or hail.  Was fun to watch.

June Activities:

June has been a busy month.  It started off with the Baccalaurate service at church for the graduating seniors.  Courtney is or should I say was a senior this past school year and has not finished her high school education.  Some pictures from the service at church on 01 June:


Pastor Turner addressing the Seniors

Pastsor Turner prayed for the Graduating Class. 

The Graduating Class of 2008







 The Graduating Class of 2008!




Mid June found Giovanna and Corrie in Nebraska helping to care for papa.  Giovanna also found time to swim – there is an amazing pool in this little town and she loves going there.  She also helped Grandma in the kitchen, checked out the Children’s zoo in Lincoln and took her first ride on a horse.  All in all it was a good trip and a sweet time to spend with her.











Summer project – Basement Make Over

This was not a project that I was looking forward to – but one that needed to be done.  Here are some pictures from  Day 1 of the Basement Make Over;

The New Family Room

The New Family Room

The Sliding Glass door gives a lot of natural light!

The Sliding Glass door gives a lot of natural light!


A clean table for building all kinds of things.

A clean table for building all kinds of things.


3 thoughts on “Family Fun”

  1. Name – I like Family Fun! I can think of suggestions but initially I think that’s really good.

    Wow – that’s cool to see the hail up close like that. It DOES look like snow!

    This update didn’t show up on Google Reader. I don’t know why. But I can easily check this section of the website every once in a while for updates too. =)

  2. Joe Eaton said:

    I like the name that you’ve chosen for now. I’ll let you know if I have any suggestions. I’ll be excited to follow this page!

    Wow – that hail DOES look like snow! =)

  3. Joe Eaton said:

    Thanks for the update. I can tell it’s gonna be a lot of fun following this page! Keep looking to Christ in all your activities as I know you all do…and He will continue to shine His light to others through your lives!

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