Child number 3 has officially graduated from high school. Another milestone reached. Time to do some serious reflection. As we were planning the program for the open house, my older two kids asked if I was going to speak. I wasn’t to excited about speaking as I have yet to make it through one of these without tears. However the kids said it was tradition and that as the mom I needed to speak at the open house.  Here are the words I said – mainly to my son, and they came from my heart.  I did tear up by the 2nd paragraph – and the last 2 paragraphs were said with many tears of joy as I realize the accomplishment of my son!

“We are here to celebrate a milestone – graduating from high school. Like every other mile stone Caleb has reached, we are really celebrating the faithfulness of God to work in spite of the failings of his parents. God’s faithfulness to grow and mature him to this point – call him as a child of God and to ground him in his faith. 

This is number 3 from our family to graduate from high school. Caleb in some ways is your typical third child – easy going, quiet, etc. But beneath that quiet veneer, lies a very excitable child. We have experienced his “happy, excited dance” on many occasions. He can be decisive and he is one of our children who really enjoys life.    

As I thought about what I was going to say today, the imagine that kept coming to my mind was of a child on a slide for the very fist time. You know that child – insecure, frightened, and continually saying, “mommy I can’t do this.” and as the parent at the bottom encouraging them saying things like, “Yes you can.” “It will be fun.” “I’m here to catch you.” while all along you are praying that they don’t get hurt, that you really will catch them  and that they will enjoy it.  Finally after what seems like forever, they finally come down the slide and you catch them before they land on their bottom   – you know before they learn to use their feet! The smile on their face is huge and they can’t wait to to race back up to the top of the slide.

Caleb with your high school graduation, you are moving to a much bigger slide – the slide called life. It no longer my responsibility to stand at the end of the slide to catch you. I am not strong enough for that role. But there is someone who is big enough and strong enough to do that. That person is God and He will be there every step of the way. My role is walk alongside, encourage  when you need it, help you to “see” things that you might overlook in your youthfulness and to watch you soar as God takes you on an incredible journey called life. (I get to literally see this as you are planning on becoming a pilot – so you will soar on the wings of a jet!)

My prayer for you is that you will love God with all your heart, soul and mind, that you love others with reckless abandon and that you invest your life wisely as the Lord leads you. Life on this path that God takes you will not always be easy. There will be challenges. There will be mountains and valleys. There will be laughter and tears. But God will always be there walking you through each one of these things. Look to Him, Love Him, Serve Him. “

Congratulations on finishing High School well – I a m proud of you.

I now have 3 adult children; 3 High school graduates; 2 college students and 1 College Graduate.

The end of one era – the beginning of a new chapter.