It is race week.

It is the last week in April

And we have just had another “dusting” of snow (well if you call 4-5 inches a dusting)! But it is melting fast!

This has been an interesting spring and week for training and racing. These pictures were taken on the course over the weekend and are courtesy of the Chippewa 50K Facebook page:



The first 5 miles have 3-4 inches of snow pack; the last 6 miles – deep layer of snow – breaking through the crusty snow and going down about 10-12 inches. So there are some adjustments that need to be made to the race plan – like taking gaiters and using spikes for traction, but overall, it should be a fun “race”. This will not be a fast one for me – the goal for me is to make it from start to finish on my own two legs and still want to run again! And no matter what pace I run, it will be a PR for me since it is my first race at this length.

So I have my duffel bag out ready to  accept items as I think of them or wash them.

Duffle Bag Ready for packing

My packing list includes:



Race shirt + run to remember bib – April is Autism awareness month and I have a friend whose son is on the Autism spectrum. Since I won’t be able to run the Capital city marathon with them in May – I am running as part of their team on Saturday as well as running to remember Boston!



Food is really important for me. Because I am a Celiac, I have to be really careful what I eat – both on and off the course.  So I pack most of my food!  I prefer to fuel on the course with real food rather than gels and gu!  However I will probably carry some of those as well – just in case!



All kinds of stuff to keep me warm since it will could be wet I will need to pack 2 sets of everything and keep everything in zip lock bags so that it stays dry!  At the turn around point half way through the race, I hope to change everything.  At least I will be colorful when I run!

and probably the most important thing to pack. . . . .



Yak Track and Spikes to insure my footing is solid. There could be some icy spots as I cross bridges, etc. Since I tend to have some issues tripping over things – I would prefer to try to have as much going in my favor to keep me upright as possible.

I have a race strategy which I have tested over my long runs and it seems to work well – I have kept hydrated and fueled.  Thankful that it won’t be too warm during the race – overheating won’t be an issue for this race.  However I still need to be concerned with hydration since I will be on the course for at least 7-8 hours.!

So now I will get things washed and packed – ready to hit the road soon!  Looking forward to a fun race and setting a PR – since no matter what I run, it will be a PR at this race distance (first time races are always good for PR’s)!

Now to get the freezer stocked so that the family will have  plenty of food to eat while I am gone. . . .

and packing. . . .

and . . . . . .

The list goes on!