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I ran today!

Some of you are thinking, “So what, you run most days.”

Today was the day after!

The day after the 117th running of the Boston Marathon

The day after 3 Americans(2 female and 1 male) finished in the top ten of their races!

The day after the race that celebrates the accomplishments of the average athlete who have made it to the “Grand Daddy” of the modern Marathon

It was also the day after 2 bombs exploded near the finish line, killing 3 and injuring hundreds, some critically.

Yesterday was a hard day for those of us in the running community. A race with a long tradition was hit hard. The race that celebrates the accomplishments of athletes will forever be changed.

I will not forget the images that came across shortly after the explosions – blood everywhere. Watching the footage of the first explosion and watching the older gentlemen fall to the ground because of the force of the explosion – My heart broke. I cried.

I ran today – to remember those who ran and those whose lives are changed forever as a result of this event.

I ran today to think and process. As a runner and a marathoner, I have never had to worry about my safety on the course. In some of the bigger races, I have been concerned about the spectators getting too close for my comfort – but never did I think about dodging bombs!

I cried as I ran today as I thought of those families that will never be the same. Three families lost family members; hundreds of others have been wounded – some critically.  Many of the injured have had amputations. The fear and panic on their faces was evident.

As I ran, I realized that those who are behind these bombings are cowards. Rather than face their victims, those chose to use shrapnel laced bombs to maim unarmed and unsuspecting men women and children. Not only once – but twice. It was a horrific and cruel attack on these unsuspecting victims. An event that has the potential to change this race and others forever. I am thankful for those in Boston who reached out with compassion to the displaced runners offering their homes for warmth or restaurants that fed people for free.  Thank you for showing what it means to help those in need without thinking about the risk to your own life. Thank you for being compassionate in spite of the horror and evil done by others!

I ran today – because I am not willing to let a terrorist take away my joy in being outside and enjoying God’s creation, beauty and splendor.

I ran today to remember those whose lives are forever changed as a result.

I ran today and will run tomorrow, and the next day and the next and. . . . . . . . .

And I will run another big marathon at some point in time. My hope is that I can run a qualifying time this year so that I can be in Boston next year and bring healing to the city. It will be a much different experience, but one that I look forward to – whenever it happens.

Photo credit to http://i.telegraph.co.uk