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Training for an Ultra is somewhat different from training for a regular marathon. When I train for a marathon, I do speed work, interval training and pace or tempo runs – all designed to help me get faster! For an ultra – it is not about time and speed, but about getting time on your feet and legs and learning how to run on tired legs.

I think all of my “longish” runs are finally getting my legs tired  – this past week my runs were much slower – by about 30 seconds per mile! I felt tired and not refreshed after running.

But all of this running is making me really hungry and I have the run-chies, as a friend of mine calls it. I have never been this hungry during my training for any of my marathons!  While I have not figured out how to eat to keep myself satisfied and my body fueled yet, I am doing a lot more baking and a bowl of cereal has never tasted better than during this training season!

However being a Celiac, eating is not as straight forward as it is for most runners. I must have special bread, noodles, etc. I have just discovered a Gluten Free All purpose flour mix that I make from a number of different flours and can use it for just about anything. Fresh bread with butter and honey is now back on the menu!

This week is spring break – well for some of my kids and we will be making GF pop tarts, biscuits, brownies and . . . . the list goes on.

And you thought I ran for the health benefits and to keep in shape! Nope I run so that I can eat dessert!

Time to hit the trails – well the streets – the trails are still covered with snow!