I am an avid reader. I love to read all kinds of books. My favorite book is Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  It is fascinating. You know from almost the beginning of the book who committed the crime. The bulk of the book is about getting into the criminals mind and how the inspector ferrets out the perpetrator.  This book has been used in Criminal justice classes for years!

Teaching lit to Jr. and Sr. High students as well as being in a book club has exposed me to many different genres and authors. There are many lists out there proposing the “100 Greatest books of all time.” Some of those books are really good, others are on the list because of the novelty of what they did at the time they were written. For example, Lord of the Flies was the first book to start with the premise that man is basically evil and if you remove all the external trappings such as laws, man will return to this base nature.  In my opinion, it is not a great book, but it did make a bold statement at the time that it was written. It has been taught for many years in High School lit classes as a result.

Now that I have become the owner of a business, my reading list is somewhat modified. My list now has books such as Made to Stick (by the Heath brothers); The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (both by Patrick Lencioni).  There are other books that I am interested in reading this year as well. Books like Crazy Love (for the 3rd time); Kisses from Katie; The Holiness of God and The Hole in our Holiness.  Finding time to read books like this while teaching lit is almost impossible.

God took care of the time issue – I am not teaching this year. So I have L O T S of time to read what I really want to read and have put off so that I could teach.  This year, I have my books stacked up – One book on spiritual issues followed by a business type book.  I am very excited to read.  I look forward to the hour I set aside each night for reading.

So what are you reading this fall?