This summer has been a remodeling project of sorts.  We have an area in the back yard that used to be for my vegetable garden, but with a new job and summer traveling, vegetables tend to not get taken care of. So my oldest son came up with a brilliant idea – a flower garden with a path and a pond! It has been fun to work with my son – he is very creative and loves to solve problems!  Here is the pictorial documentary of our progress;

After clearing out all of the weeds and debris, breaking rock into smaller pieces to make the path. My son loved this part of the project!

Placing of the stones for the garden path!

Sections of the completed path. There are actually 3 places to enter the garden!

Plants purchased and waiting to be “placed” in the garden!

Playing with plants can be very fun – trying to figure out the placement for this section of the garden! This turned out to be the final arrangement, with just a minor adjustment!

The plants are in the ground – well most of the them. There are 6 still left to be put in their permanent home. The large area in the front was going to be a pond, but now looks like it will have a table and chairs for some “quiet times” alone with the Lord!

This was a bit more challenging part of the garden. The plant on the right will trellis up the fence! It is a beautiful plant that we just picked up today. A wonderful addition to the garden!

My favorite plant – It has a bright pink flower and will trellis up the fence, unless we decide to get an actual trellis for it!

More pictures to come as we make progress.  the colors in the garden are food for my soul.  I feel like I am coming back to life again and can’t wait to spend time in the garden. The kids seem to be enjoying the garden as well, some were out dancing in the garden and others were just taking in all the sights and smells of the new garden.  This is a life-giving garden!  It is beauty that tells of the Glory of God!