Taper is the 3 weeks prior to running a marathon where the mileage is lower and the pace is slower.  I have been in taper for 2.5 weeks and the race is on Saturday. Coach Juli has a few rules for taper and I thin I have managed to break all of them this time around.

So what are the rules of taper?

Rule number 1 – watch what you eat.  For 15 weeks the miles have been increasing and generally I run at least 2 18 mile runs as well as 2-3 20 mile runs.  Running those kinds of distances, the body requires fuel and I can generally eat almost anything and still maintain my weight.  It takes some time for the body to catch on to the fact that the miles have gone down and it doesn’t require as much food.  However we are currently in graduation open house season and when one goes to at least 3 open houses per weekend, it is really hard to not gain weight!  Even limiting my self to just a small plate of food, doing that multiple times per weekend – it adds up and I have gained some weight.

Rule number 2 – don’t plan on wearing new clothes on race day – stick with the tried and true.  Um I just bought a new running skirt and am planning on wearing it on race day on Saturday.  Will take a trial run in it tonight!

Rule number 3 – Don’t start any big projects at home.  Well I have a son who is motivated to do some landscaping and building.  I have been pulling weeds, moving rock transplanting plants and moving dirt.  I don’t see a problem here as my son will do the heavy lifting of the rocks for the garden path and planting all the “new” plants in the garden.

The purpose of the taper is to let your body rest and recover so that by race day, you are good to go.  Rules are there to help you stick to the program and maintain all that you have worked for.

Rules are also meant to be broken!

Here’s to a great race on Saturday.  See you on Saturday Coach!