I have had a nagging injury for some time, in fact, I have not run much since the end of January.  The pain in my ankle has been intense.  It took some time to determine the nature of the injury and realize that in this case, time off will be the best healer!

The injury was a result of landing on my toes – running on tippy toes more or less! This caused the soleus muscle, the smaller muscle that makes up the calf, to become strained and stretched, resulting in a lot of pain near the achilles.  The movement causing the most pain – going up steps or standing on tip toes!  Basically I have a sprinters form as a distance runner – which is good for speed!

The fix – go back to the basics and drill drill drill!  I need to retrain the muscles and body how to run again!  I feel like a beginner again – learning how it “feels” to run!  I will be sore as I work through the drills and retrain and rethink running – but in the end, I should feel like I can run forever!

So if you see me and I look like I am sore – I probably am as muscles are worked and retrained!

The fundamentals are so important!