Winter in Minnesota has been almost none existent.  There have been a few “cold” days and some snow – but compared to what is normal – this is the winter that pretended to be winter!

The weathermen got our hopes up with predictions of 6-12 inches of snow and then 8-14 inches of snow.  Everyone was looking forward to the BIG SNOW STORM!

As we were waiting with anticipation, something stated to fall from the sky – but it was not snow – at least not in the south metro!  It was too warm.  We got rain!  Then the temps dropped and it went from rain to sleet to snow and back again!  When it did snow, they were big beautiful flakes!

This morning I was wondering if I was in a winter wonderland or the Spring thaw!

Winter Wonderland or Spring Thaw?

The swiftly flowing "river"

The Beauty!