Opulence is a fun word to say and the definition of this word – wealth, affluence, abundance – has given me much to think about!

I had a TCK tell me that one of the things she misses about her life as a TCK is the opulence of living overseas! I had to think about this for a minute, but my latest trip to Thailand gave me some great insight into her statement. I began to look at life abroad with different mindset and began to see things as a TCK might see life! If one looks for it, one can see the richness that fills their lives.  It is in the little things – things like:

Towel Art - The elephant that greeted me the first night in Thailand!

The Swans that graced my bed at the conference hotel!









This towel art was beautiful to look at and made coming back to the room a joy!  Upon entering the room and seeing these swans, peace and calm entered my soul – no matter what I had experienced during the day!  As a guest at the hotel, I felt like I was  important because  the room attendant took the time to to do this!


This beauty is not just limited to the room – there is “art” everywhere in Asia!

This flower picture changed frequently during my stay!

The elephant topiaries were amazing and detailed!

Food is an art in Asia - it is always displayed artistically

Some images from around the area;

I am sure that if I lived in Asia, I might begin to take all of this art and opulence for granted, but while I was there, it was a source of pleasure to me and made my stay in Asia so much more enjoyable.

However with all of this beauty around me, I was also reminded that there is spiritual oppression as well.  As I walked through the conference grounds and elsewhere in the city, there were many spirit houses and shrines (similar to this one);

Spiritual oppression as evidenced by the "spirit houses" and shrines.

There are times when I walk past these houses that I shiver as I think about the bondage of these beautiful people.  Pray for them that the eyes of their hearts will be opened to see the glorious truth of the gospel, that the blinders will be removed, that there will be many signing praises to the Lord at the end of the age!