Christmas 2011 has officially come and gone, but as Christians the spirit of Christmas lives in our hearts every day!  This Christmas we were very practical in our gift giving.  It started when my oldest posted her list of things needed for her trip to France.  Since she will be there almost 5 months, there were a few things she needed.  This list became “the list” for her Christmas gifts.  This started us down the road to being very practical with all of our gift giving.

Gary's tool box of 31 years finally had to be replaced. There is a great story behind this gift - ask Geoffrey to tell it to you!

SInce he was looking for something to read earlier this month! Hopefully this will keep him busy for a few days!

Another reader - Giovanna has recently took off reading! She also got a couple of chapter books! Happy Reading!

Courtney's first aid kit for France. Hopefully she won't need this one, but just in case!

Then there were the presents that were too big to wrap:

The BIG box. . . .

containing the new mattresses. . . .

which were a huge hit. They each had a really good nights sleep!

Courtney spent most of the afternoon laughing. . .

and smiling.


All in all, it was a great day.  We are blessed beyond measure and thankful to be together as a family.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Ayers Family.