There are times in my life where I would really like a rewind button.  Tuesday was one of those days!

Tuesday was the first day of school for those that are attending the University of Minnesota!  T’was a rough start on the year!  It would have been nice to be able to rewind and try again in some ways.

The day, at least from my perspective, was going just fine until about 3:30 when my phone rang and I had a call from my son who said, “I can’t find the car.”  Now in my mind I knew where the car was parked and am thinking the parking lot at church is not that big, so I am not sure why he can’t locate the car.  I ask him where he is and his response sheds much light on the situation.  He is at the Park and Ride on 28th Avenue, but the car is parked at our church at 13th and 7th!  Wrong lot, wrong location and a slight problem.

The problem is that he needs to be at work by 5 PM.  It is 3:30 and he does not have enough time to ride the light rail back downtown, locate the car and drive back to the south metro.  I don’t have a vehicle – car is downtown and the van is at the High School since number 3 child is at Cross Country Practice.

Solution – I hop on my bike and ride across town, pick up the van and drive to the light rail station.  Number 2 child is a bit skeptical that I can ride fast enough and get him to work on time.  The challenge is out and I pick it up.

For anyone familiar with where we live, there are some REALLY BIG Hills between our house and the high school.  I know that I can run to within a mile of the high school in 30 minutes or less (I did it on Tuesday morning in just over 28 minutes), so riding my bike should put me there in no  more than 25 minutes.  I make it to the school in just over 20 minutes and am in the van headed to pick up son #1.

Son #2 has a cell phone and I left a message for him so he would know that I took the van.  However his cell phone is in the van!  He will be in for a major shock when he finishes cross-country practice!  Just as I am getting close to the light rail station, my phone rings again and I hear my son say, “I think I am in trouble.  The van is gone.”  He has a lengthy explanation and it is all I can do to keep from laughing a bit.  Once he finishes his explanation, I tell him I have the van.  I have never heard such relief in a voice as I did from my son.  I quickly explain what happened and the action plan.

Once I get son #1 dropped off at work and #2 son home from cross-country practice, it is time to meet my daughter with the keys to the car so that she can drive it home.  She is expecting that I will be rather upset.  I found the whole thing rather comical – it shows the character traits of my kids so clearly – their strengths, their shortcomings, etc.

However with all the extra driving that I wasn’t planning on – dinner was not on the table until 8:30 – and I fell into bed shortly thereafter, exhausted but still smiling about the mix up of the day!

Hoping Wednesday goes better!