Re-entry is the process of coming back into life after being away for a period of time.  Re-entry back into the routines of life after one has had an amazing trip, is hard and challenging.  After spending time on a mountain top (literally), coming back to the valley  with all of the routine and rhythm that comes with that valley is not easy and I prefer mountains over valleys:-).

However life being what it is, I have had to come down off of the mountain and re-enter life in the valley.

Upon my return from Europe, I was greeted by a mountain of laundry, an empty freezer an overstuffed fridge and a heavy heart as I missed those I had gotten to know over the 2.5 weeks I spent there.  I have not figured out a good way to  process trips and re-enter into life at the same time.  Life continued on in the valley while I was away experiencing God in a fresh way on the mountain.

So as I entered into my first week back, I did the routine things that needed to be done.  Things like washing and folding the mountain of laundry that was waiting for me, cleaned out the fridge, (oh the nasty things I found!), and trying to process what God was doing during my time on the mountain top!  I loved being in Europe, which says a lot since I am an Asian girl at heart!  My runs in the mountains of Europe were amazing and I was blessed with some great company!  I saw God do some amazing things and felt His presence in a way that I rarely do in the valley.

Which makes me think about life in the valley. Why God seems to be bigger on the mountain top than in the Valley?  Is it because I am physically closer to him on a mountain top?  I don’t think so.  I think it has more to do with the fact that I am away from the routines of life and can see things differently, and possibly more clearly!

But reentry has been hard!

No one seems to understand my sadness.

No one seems to understand that I really don’t want to be in the valley – at least not right now.

No one seems to understand that I saw God do things that were amazing and want to see more of that here in the valley and am struggling with how to make that happen.

Life in the valley continues.  I continue to process life – both on the mountain and in the valley.  I yearn for more of life in the  mountains, but know that for now, life is the valley is what is best.  I seek to be content, but my heart is not quickly making the adjustment.

I am thankful that life is not a snapshot or static.  God will give me peace and contentment over time, but for now, I am struggling with life in the valley.