Child Number 2, Son number 1 has reached a mile stone – Completion of High School.  What a joy to celebrate this milestone with friends and family in a very wet and muddy back yard!  Here is an overview of the day:

A lovely table set out for the guests to partake of.


Good conversations with friends who have been part of our lives! Shoes were optional on this wet afternoon in May!


He did receive his diploma and have a blessing spoken over him!


The sun did make an appearance - but it was a short appearance!


Basketball was played in the rain and after the rain! Couldn't have a party without a pickup game!

Congrats my dear son!

Congratulations my dear son.  You have worked hard and conquered the rigors of High School.  You are now leaving the days of your youth behind and heading forward on the path that the Lord has laid out for you before you were born.  Thank you for the joy you have brought into my life.  Go forward in the strength of the Lord.