Today was a big day at our house – 2 birthdays to celebrate.  My oldest two were born on the same day, 2 years apart.  It has been fun to watch them grow up and grow closer together as the years have gone by.  It is hard to believe that today they are 20 and 18.  Milestone birthdays in many ways.  They requested a “formal” dinner for their closest friends.  Or as my oldest put it, “You know the ones Mom, the ones we grew up with.”  Well there were more then the ones they grew up with – it ended up being about 22 in very cozy quarters this evening.

All dressed up and ready to celebrate!

Since it has been a rather wet spring and summer, it was not surprising to see rain in the forecast for the afternoon and evening.  So the party was moved from the back yard to the front room!  It was a bit cozy!

Reservations for 24!

They ate Together!

The chatter during dinner time was constant.  They really enjoyed the time to catch up and talk to each other.  It was amazing how much they had to say!

After dinner came Photos!

Brother - Sister Birthday Buddies!

The "Formal" Picture!

OK - Everyone get close!

The Girls!

The Boys!

Then off to play ultimate.  No party is complete without a game or two!

Time for Ultimate!

Epic Sunset!

Ice Cream Cake - A wonderful snack after running in the Humidity!

Sharing from the Word and praying together!

Worshipping together!  

It was a fun evening.  Happy Birthday to my oldest 2 – So thankful to the LORD for giving you both to me!  May you continue to serve Him and Glorify Him in all you do.