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I am 2.5 weeks before marathon #1 and 4.5 weeks until marathon #2!  This is exciting because it means that my 20 mile runs are behind me and I am in taper mode until marathon #1!  It also means that we will be eating a lot of pasta and rice to build up some reserves for the races.  This is one of my favorite parts of training – eating!  I will most likely add a few pounds between now and marathon #1 – which is oK since I have lost about 15 pounds in the past year!

Fargo, aka marathon #1,  is advertised as fast and flat!  Minneapolis, aka marathon #2, has a steep hill at mile 17 into 18!  Both are Boston qualifying courses.   Prior to my dad’s death, I was training really well, powering through my runs.  However running the last few weeks has been much harder and the training runs have not always gone well. When I started training for Fargo, I was hoping to get a BQ time, now I will be happy to just finish with a PR.

So as I much on apples with peanut butter, bananas with Nutella, chips and salsa, I dream of running these races with a fast time and begin to put on my mental edge.  These first two races will be run in memory of my dad who helped me get a school record for the mile many years ago.  Lord willing i will get close to a BQ time with one of these two.

Marathon #3 will be in October.  There might be a 4th!  What a year for running!