A while back, Pastor John gave a sermon with an illustration from the Lord of The Rings, which happens to be one of my favorite trilogies.  He said that most of us get very comfortable in our “shire” We have relationships and routine and it is very nice.  But we need to get out of our comfort zone and experience the mountains.  For Frodo to do what needed to be done, he had to leave the comfort of the shire and go to the rugged mountains.

After hearing this sermon, I went up to talk with Pastor John.  My response to the sermon was, “I am a mountain girl, however at this time, I feel like I am on the precipice and about to fall off.”  Pastor John asked me what was going on.  At that time, I was and still am watching my dad slowly fade away from this life and trying to bring into existence a new organization.  Pastor John’s response to hearing all that was going on was priceless.

“Birth and Death – you can’t have one without the other.”

We talked for several minutes and then he prayed for me.  There is no one that prays like Pastor John.

I am still walking this journey of birth and death.  My dad’s health continues to fade and my organization continues to grow.  It is a hard balance at times, but my life is richer for this journey.  It helps me to relate to the young woman I met last summer on one of my trips that recently lost her father in a rather interesting twist of events.  I can weep with her, understanding much of what she is feeling. It helps me to understand business better and takes me into many areas that are way beyond my comfort zone.  It keeps me totally dependent upon His leading.

I am thankful for these mountains and the joys and sorrows that they bring.  The shire is not appealing to me at all after experiencing the mountains.