It has been a bit of time since I have written about running – but I have been running, despite the weather’s attempts to deter me!  I am 8 weeks into training for Fargo!  Training has been going well.  I feel like I am powering through my runs – even the long ones!  My times are getting faster – just a little.  The transition to the barefoot style of running and the minimalist shoes is complete and I feel like I could run forever!  I don’t hurt when I run these days – no joint pain and no back pain!  I am getting stronger, which is a big help on those long runs.  I am just getting to the really long runs – 18 this weekend and 3 -20 mile runs prior to the taper!  I am getting excited to start hill running – the Minneapolis Marathon has a killer hill at mile 17!

Now the goal is to stay healthy and injury free for the next 10-12 weeks!

Fargo here I come (21 May) and then 2 weeks later Minneapolis (05 June)!