I love this video – it is such a celebration of Life!  The expressions on those singing and the surprised bride are priceless.  They are so happy with the union and beginning of this new family unit!  It brings smiles to my face each time I watch it.

But there is something that is even greater then a wedding.  And that is when God brings one of his own into the kingdom.

We are celebrating the work that the LORD has done in bringing our youngest into the Kingdom.

Last night as Gary was tucking Giovanna into bed last night they had a discussion about “being saved.”  Her lesson in Sunday School was on being saved and she had discussed it with her small group leader.  She seems to recognize that she is a sinner and that Jesus paid the price for her sin by dying on the cross.  In answer to the question, are you trusting in Jesus for your salvation?  She said yes.  She had some amazing insight when asked about her sin and the changes that come with a changed heart.  She said, “Still fight with Geoff” – so there is still work to do!

We are so excited for her to be able to articulate her faith in Jesus, something we never thought possible with her lack of language and her non typical nuero function.    God has indeed been very good to us in calling all of our children to himself!  Join us in praising Him for His work in calling each of them to himself.

We are blessed by the Lord - our quiver is very full!