There is one thing that I really do not like to do – run in circles in a gym.  However when the temps and wind chill are both below zero, it is not worth the risk of frost bite or worse to run outside.  So I am back in the gym for the week!

However tonight turned out to be a really fun run.  There was another runner in Vibram’s.  I really wanted to talk with him however I didn’t think I should be the one to initiate the conversation.  So as I was thinking it would be fun to talk with him and find out how his transition went, etc., he ran past me and said, “nice shoes!”  Then on the next lap, he slowed and said, “you have great form.  How long you been running in them?”  This was the start of a great discussion that lasted for almost a mile.  He has been running in them for almost 5 years!  He was glad to hear that I took the time to transition correctly and that my first marathon went well!  After we had been talking for a few laps, he asked me to come to his presentation next week at one of the local running stores.  He also said that I needed a “name”.  His is Jimmy the Greek – He suggested that I used Corrie the sleek – just doesn’t seem right.  (I’ll take suggestions for this one.)

Overall it was great to get some feedback and to hear that my form is correct.  I won’t be able to make the presentation next week as I will be in Nebraska – but it would be fun to go to one at some point.  Next month he will have some Vibram’s for people to try – that might be the one that I will try to make.  He also has suggestions on alternatives to running in this frigid cold!  Snowshoeing sounded like fun!  He also saw Caleb and commented on his form – it is improving!

This was a pace run for me tonight.  Having someone to run a mile with me kept me going.  I ran faster than my goal pace!  I have been pushing the pace while I am indoors.  My goal for the marathon is 9 minute miles!  So by pushing the pace while inside, I am hoping that it will help me get my times down for Fargo in May and Minneapolis in June (2 weeks apart).  It was great to have an unofficial pacer while running tonight!

It was a great night with an unexpected gift of talking with a veteran Vibram runner.  Can’t wait to get back outside!