Today was an epic running day.  Temps in the mid 30’s, the sun was shining and best of all – NO WIND!  So after running a myriad of errands, I put on TWO (not 3 as in the past weeks) top layers, ONE pair of gloves, a hat without the headband underneath, One pair of running leggings, ONE pair of socks and my shoes + sunglasses and out the door I went.

It was absolutely glorious!  I didn’t feel the need to run for a certain distance or time.  I just clicked  the chronometer on my watch to run and took off!  I ran in an area that I refer to as the quarry since all the street names are after types of rock – moonstone, limestone, jasper, onyx, etc.  As I passed the different streets, I began to think about the area of the world where they are mined and prayed.  So while out running today I prayed for the following;

Diamond Drive – South Africa

Marble Lane – P*Stan

Limestone – OK this is just about everywhere, So I prayed for Canada

Jasper – India

Coral – Australia because of the Great Coral Reef

Moonstone – Had no idea where this might be found, so just prayed for lost people in the world – should cover just about anyone!

The first time around the loop, I prayed for areas of the world.  The second time around, I just listened to hear God’s voice.  I had been struggling with a writing project and as I ran, I began to get some ideas for my project.  God was beginning to clarify the direction for this project!

I love to run on days like this!  It is just amazing to be out in creation and experience God.  So thankful for the fun run!