Polar Dash - 2011


Caleb and I were out somewhat early on this first morning of the new year.  The reason – to join about 2,000 other runners for the first race of the year – the Polar Dash 5 and 10K races!  It was a balmy 7 degrees at race start!  There was a bit of a wind and the sun came out for a brief time!  It was a lot of fun – at least until the last .2 miles.  There was a big wind that kicked up a bunch of the newly fallen snow and I got a face full of snow!  Other than that, it was a fun run.

Last year, Caleb and I ran the Polar Dash but it was a very different race at -10 degrees F.  My feet were so cold last year I was actually beginning to wonder if I still had feet.  So this year, at 7 degrees, I used toe warmers!  My feet were toasty warm and so was the rest of me!

Caleb and I were both in descent shape, but neither of us have done much running since Dallas!  I have been sick for the past 1.5 weeks.  Neither of us were expecting great times – we just wanted to finish!  Caleb was faster than last year by a few seconds.  I was faster by a full minute!  I am thrilled that I finished as well as I did.

I think we have started a tradition for New Year’s Day.  It was a fun couple of days.  Caleb and I helped at the Packet Pick up on Thursday and Friday which helped to get into the race day mood!  It was also fun to reconnect with some of the volunteers that I worked with at the last race.  They remembered that Giovanna was running her first 5K in October and asked how she did.  So nice to have Giovanna remembered.  It was also fun to be back at the Shriner’s Hospital, but not with a patient!  However one of the gals from Othrodics remembered my fall from 2 years ago  – the one that gave me 2 very big black eyes!  She told me I could not fall up the curb again!  The staff at the hospital is so much fun and they are more like family.

What a great race!  What a great way to start off the new year.  Now to look ahead to marathon season!