Gifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, just look under any christmas tree or in any store.  We all strive to find that “perfect” gift that will bring a smile to those we love.

I love to shop for gifts for family and friends.  Gift giving happens to be one of my love languages, which makes this time of year especially fun for me.  I have one child who is a list maker and has left a list of things like movies, games and gift cards she would like.  Others just drop hints periodically like, “Mom, I would really really really really like ________.” All my kids needs to have their closets filled in some more – but they are all growing which makes this one a risky adventure.

But there is one gift that comes is the right size for everyone.  This gift is perfect for everyone and doesn’t really need to be wrapped – The gift of forgiveness through Christ’s blood on the cross.  The cross was not pretty, but the benefits of what Christ willingly did on that cross 2000 years ago is immeasurable and priceless.  The Song, It’s About the Cross, by Go Fish sums up this perfectly matched gift for everyone on your list.

Praying you had a wonderful Christ filled Christmas and that if you did give gifts, you gave in the name of Christ!