On Friday, 17 December an overnight envelope was delivered to the house by UPS.  The envelope had stamped on it, “EXTREMELY IMPORTANT”  in big red letters.  When I looked at the return address, I saw that it was from Gary’s place of employment.  So I called Gary at work (it was his last day and he had gone in to turn in a few things).  When I told him about the envelope, he told me to open it up.  When I did, we found out that it was the separation notice and had a bunch of stuff that he needed to read through and then sign and return.

Skimming through the letter, it all seemed so final.

When Gary was first laid off in July, this letter never came.  Gary was looking for it when he took off for Colorado and gave the boys who were staying here detailed instructions as to what to do when the termination letter came.  It never came because Gary was called back to work 4 days later!

This time is so different – there is an end to his employment and it has arrived!  Gary had some really good talks with some folks at his former work place.  Someday he might write of those talks.  But for now he is officially done with Carlson Wagonlite Travel.

He may not be done with the company at large because on Friday, he opened an email from another division that wanted to interview him.  While trying to work out the interview time, he found out that they had already hired someone.   But there is still a job posting that Gary is waiting for.  He has been talked to directly about applying for it when it is finally posted – which does not guarantee that he would get the position.  However there is some confusion as to when or if this job will be posted.

So we wait for our on-time God to provide the right job for Gary.  His timing is never the same as ours.  So we are growing in trust, patience and faith.