Well it has been a quiet couple of weeks on the job front.  Here is the status so far;

Gary’s resume was posted to several job search boards on the Wednesday the week before Thanksgiving.  He had several interviews with head hunter types.  One lady got his resume from another job posting at her company and called and talked with him.  She was willing to move forward with his resume after he made some changes to it.  He did make those changes and emailed his resume directly to her on the Monday of Thanksgiving week.  We didn’t hear anything that week and weren’t too concerned since it was Thanksgiving and figured most people were probably out of the office.  Since then, we have been informed that she is moving forward, but very slowly.  The reason – many of the people that she needs to contact are trying to use up their vacation before the end of the year and are difficult to contact!

He had a phone interview with Target  and we are still waiting to hear back from them, but are assuming that there is nothing there for him.

He did get one call and the job sounded really interesting to  Gary – at least until he heard that it was on the east coast!  Our desire is to stay here in the twin cities.

He also got a call from someone at his current place of employment with a possible job.  The job was supposed to be posted soon, like within a couple of days!  So far it has not been posted and it has been a couple of weeks.

So for now, Gary is on vacation until the 16th!  He will spend the time working on the job search and other small projects.  He will go into work on 17 December, which is his final day and do all the final paperwork and such that is required for the termination of his employment.

Continue to pray that we will make the necessary adjustments to the budget and to our thinking.  The kids have gotten used to have a car at their disposal most of the time.  They will need to learn to not always be the ones to volunteer to drive or if they do drive to ask for gas money.   We will also need to work hard at getting our thinking into a much more conservative approach to life.  For example – taking one car to places instead of two!  This means that we will need to work at all being ready to go at the same time rather than just assuming if some are not ready that they can take the other car!  Pray for patience for us with each other as we walk through this next phase!