This was a work weekend.  It is amazing at how much was accomplished.  SInce I will be out of town next weekend, some things that I would  normally do then had to be shifted to this weekend.  There was a lot that needed to be accomplished! So here is a list of the things accomplished this weekend:

Closet cleaned and organized  the hall closetl

it is on its way to becoming a pantry and storing all kinds of stuff for the family!

Getting organized – still need to add “real” shelves – but for now. . .

Created a weighted blanket without a pattern for my youngest daughter!

Yes I do have a pattern, but was working with some of the left over material and was just playing with making a lap pad for her to take to school or on car trips.  Giovanna has selected the fabrics – Pink Horse fleece and Fuzzy Furry brown stuff for her blanket.  It has just under 4 pounds of weight added to it!   And the results are good – just take a look!

GiGi loves her weighted lap blanket!

And she even shares –

. . . Not sure the Dog appreciates her sharing!

Set up and decorated our NEW christmas tree.

For those of you that did not hear the story of our tree last year, click here to understand why this is such a big deal!

New tree in a new box - just like opening gifts on Christmas Day:-)

Caleb took on the job of setting up the tree

ready to decorate - just add the kids for the fun to begin!

The Decorated Tree!

And yes – I got some blogging in over the weekend:-)  It served as a nice distraction from all the other things that needed to get done!

Now to finish cleaning the kitchen and getting the wise men ready to make their journey to see Baby Jesus!  Hope they make it across the living room and to the piano where Baby Jesus will be by 06 January!

I love Christmas time – it makes winter so pretty and festive and turns my heart to the Lord more than at other times of the year!

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !