Gary is in the midst of searching for a new job.  His last day at his current job is 17 December.  Unless the Lord does a miracle, it could turn into a very long job search.  Here is why;

*Gary has worked in the same computer language for 12 years and it is an old language

*Because of the above, he has not been able to keep up or get certified in the most current computer languages – Java and C sharp.

*This leads to most companies not wanting to look at him due to lace of experience in the most current languages.

Bottom line – jobs are not out there for someone with his current skills and pay scale.

All of the above puts Gary in a position of either taking a job outside of development as a bridge and probably at a lower salary, in order to give  him some time to get certified in the languages he needs to get a better job or spending the first part of his unemployment trying to get certified.  This is not exactly what we had in mind, but something we knew could be an option.

Please pray.  While he is working at his current job, he does not have much time to be working on certification which he needs for a new job.  It is one of those catch 22 situations and unless Gary wants to stay up very late working towards certification, it probably won’t happen until after the 17th.  Even with the certification, he won’t have much experience which could also hinder the job search.

However on the positive side, he has had 3 interviews with recruiters and they are looking for jobs. It only takes one job opening to provide what we need, but we might have to go through thousands to find that one job. Finances will be extremely tight – pray that all of us learn to trust God in a much deeper way as we walk through these next weeks and months, however long this part of the trail tends to be.