Mondays are always really L O N G days and yesterday seemed longer and harder than most.  I had to insert errands in between running kids from place to place.  About 4:30, I realized that I still needed to get to the health food store to get some ingredients for bread.  I was so tired from the day, the thought of one more errand was not appealing.  However I was running out of GF bread quickly!

When I got to the health food store, the  parking lot was full and there were tons of people.  So much for a quick in and out trip!  The store has been rearranged and it is not as easy to find things, but it is relatively small so that was working in my favor!  I finally found everything on my list and went to check out.

The lady in front of me had a lot of stuff and was talking while the clerk was ringing up her order.  She was not packing as fast as I would have liked, but eventually she got her stuff packed up and it was my turn.

“Good Morning.”  I said as happily as I could (believe me it took a lot of effort to sound somewhat cheery)

“Good Morning,” replied the store clerk with a very confused look on his face.  As I moved to the end of the lane and began to pull out my bag, he continues, “Are you OK?”  He had a very concerned look on his face and a tone of voice to match it.

“Yes,” was all I replied.

He asked again with a bit more urgency.

“I am fine.  Why do you ask?”

“Well you said Good Morning and it is not morning.”

“I always say good morning regardless of what time of day it is.”

“Oh” he replied, not sounding at all convinced.  I think he must have thought I missed some important medication or something thing.  He went on and asked some other questions.  He must have been ok with my answers as he seemed to relax and have a “normal” conversation after that.

He made my day – he seemed to pay attention to his customers and where they were at.  He took it seriously that my answer was out of the normal.

He made me smile and to realize that he had a genuine interest in his customers.  He didn’t have to ask if I was ok.  He could have just ignored my little odd remark, most people do.  But he engaged in conversation to determine if I really was OK.

And he helped me look past my long hard day and see the Savior who  loved me right where I was at.

I pray that I will do the same today in my interactions with others.