On Saturday, 30 October, Caleb got an early birthday present – all 7 of the Ayers Clan did the Monster Dash 5K!  Plus Caleb and I did the Monster Dash 1/2 marathon prior to the running of the 5K.  It was a fun family time.  Gary and the older three + a friend took off while I stayed with the youngest 2.   The finishers in order:  Caleb, Garrett, Gary, Courtney, Jon, Corrie, Geoffrey and Corrie crossed at the same time.  Once I crossed the finish line, I went back for Giovanna since she struggled the last mile or so.  Geoffrey wanted to run more and faster than Giovanna could go – so we all stuck together and finished close together.  The  finish times ran from 22 minutes to 52 minutes.  Not bad for this crew!

Pictures from race day;

Near the start and looking good!

Not as happy at the end - but glad to be done!

The race was hard to Giovanna.  She has not ever ran a race before.  It took 8 years to get to the point where her orthopedic surgeon was willing give her the go ahead to run and to race!  She was so excited but it was a lot harder than she anticipated.  The last 1.5 miles were really hard and she wanted to stop, but when one is running/walking around a lake, it is not an option!  She made it through to the finish and I am very proud of her.

Now may we continue to run and build for the next race – whenever that may be!