When I was in High School, every Friday afternoon there was a pep rally for the game that night.  The goal of the pep rally was to get everyone excited for the game and it didn’t hurt that we got to get out of class early that day!  I got to get out earlier than most of the students since I was in the pep band!  These pep rallies were loud, exciting and inspiring.  I looked forward to them and they always seemed to get the students fired up for the game.

Sometimes it is hard to get excited for things when the week leading up to the event has been difficult.  This has been one of those weeks for me and I was thinking I could use a pep rally to inspire me to keep going.  The week started off with a conflict and things just seemed to escalate from there.  I reached a point where I said, “God I just need to know that you are there and are in my corner.”

As only God could orchestrate, He used one of the tasks already on my agenda to give me the “Pep Rally” that I needed this week.  I was reviewing a series called “How Great is Our God” by Louie Giglio.  I had seen part of it before, but now was watching the whole thing on you tube!  The first half of the video left me speechless and in awe of the creativity of God.  I was feeling pretty small and insignificant compared to stars like Beetle juice and Canis Majoris.  But then the video took a turn and God was letting me know that He was there and He was in my corner.

The part that God used to speak directly to my soul began with –

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made and the God of the heavens is the one who fastened you together.  And He knows your name and everything there is to know about you.  And He has made a promise to those who trust in him.  He will hold them in his hands and will carry them all the days of their lives”

He knew how difficult my week had been, how I had not handled a situation or two well and the overwhelming feeling of hearing about my dad having a cyst and needing to see a specialist, being 7 hour away and just dealing with the routine things of life.  Even with all the hard things that were going one,  He is the one who is holding me in his hands and carrying me through all these difficult situations.  Those words spoken by Mr. Giglio were really coming from God and each word that was spoken went right to my soul.  He is intimately acquainted with all the things in my life and He is big enough to carry me through any and all difficult weeks or events in my life.  These words gave me the courage to get up and face the day today.  It gives me hope to prepare for the weekend with all of its business and celebration.  And it made me thankful that within every cell in my body, God has left His mark.  Because of a cell adhesion molecule called Laminin, I know that God is holding me together every single moment of the day and it gives me hope.

My God had not forsaken me, I just could not hear his still small voice for all the noise around me.  But last night, God had an audience of one and used the time to  encourage my soul for the weekend ahead.

The last part of the video is embedded here for you to hear and be encouraged.  May you know that the Lord not only knit your body together, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, but if you are believing in Him, He is holding you  in his hands every step of the way.