I was recently introduced to a concept that while I had been practicing, it did not have a name until now – TOM!  Tom stands for Today Only Me!  It sounds very selfish, but when one has a special needs child, it is very easy to get caught up in giving of oneself to meet those needs and forget to fill up oneself.  The trajectory of such a lifestyle leads to anger or resentment and then there is much conflict.  But if one takes time away from the business of life to regroup, it is much better.  To read the post that explains the idea behind the concept of TOM, Click here.

I do not take a full day for me – but I try to take brief periods of time each day just for me – to regroup, to fill my tank and to prepare for what tasks are in front of me.  I begin my day with an extended time with the LORD.  This is probably the most consist TOM time that I have.  I strive for daily, but it generally ends up being 5-6 days per week.  This time helps to give me focus and direction.  It also helps to keep me focused on the right things instead of the wrong things!

Running has also been a TOM time for me.  It is time where I can do something physical and be alone at the same time.  It is time for me since no one wants to run the distances that I go – well except for maybe Caleb and he runs so much faster than I do – so I would still be alone!

Sometimes it means just being able to go to the bathroom with no interruptions!  This is not as easy as it sounds!

But whatever form my TOM time takes, I learned from the blog post to tell my husband first what I am doing and calling this time – just so he knows that I am not out with another man!

So as a way to keep my tanks filled – I am off to have some time with TOM!