July brought our family a big bend in the road.  Gary received his notice of termination from the job that he had held for 12 years.  We knew that it might be coming, but saw it as something a couple of years down the road.  This came out of the blue – or so it seemed to us.  His last day was set for 22 July.

Once this notice came, we had to have some serious discussions and decisions to make.  Gary was leading a CLUB 4th team to Colorado Springs and was to leave on 21 July.  The big question for us was should he lead the team as planned or back out of that responsibility to begin looking for a new job!  After some discussion and much prayer, both of us felt like he should lead the team, but with help, so that he might have some time to pull away and work on looking for a job.  We asked another couple on the team to help with the leadership and when they said yes, Gary felt more settled with going.

Gary left of 21 July for Colorado with the 2 youngest; I left on 22 July with our oldest for SE Asia on another CLUB 4th trip with much  uncertainty looming, but knowing there was a rock under our feet.  We were both very busy leading our teams and enjoying the children and youth that were attending!  Being a half a world apart, I was very thankful for internet connections and the ability to stay in touch with the family “back home.”  Little did I know how God would use this small piece of communication for a much larger piece of the puzzle!

I was 13 hours ahead of my family back in the states.  So as events were unfolding in the US during the day on Tuesday, I was asleep and heading into Wednesday Morning.  Gary had gotten a phone call from one of the boys in Minnesota telling him that he needed to call his former workplace.  He did and after having laid off an entire department the previous week, they were recalling a small number of people.  Gary was part of that small  number that the company was going to call back/rehire to help with some projects.  There was some indication that he might be picked up later for other things.

Early Wednesday Morning, I checked my email which was not the norm for me that week.  I don’t even remember now why I was going into my email that morning, but when I did, I saw an email from Gary with the news.  My heart was filled with joy as I thanked God for his goodness to our family.  The details were sketchy at this point, but I knew that he had a job!

But there was more going on that morning.  In worship we sang the song, Mighty to Save and the worship leader was asking us to think about a situation where God would be mighty to save in our family.  My daughter immediately thought of her father’s work situation and that he needed a job. We were told to remember that  thought because that would be how God would answer at some point.  My daughter didn’t really think much more about it.

At lunch time, I called her over and told her about the early morning email, not knowing what she had been thinking earlier.  When she heard the news, she was very excited.  She was also amazed at how quickly God had provided her an answer to her morning request for her dad to get a job.  This spoke to her and to all of us so clearly.

I have been asked why I think he was called back to work (he was 1 of 3 people that were called back).  I really don’t have an answer except that God was merciful.  But as I have reflected on this question and the events, I think it might be because we did what God had called us to do and He has taken care of the job situation – at least for a period of time.

So for now, Gary is employed until 17 December.  There are some benefits to this – he passed an anniversary date with the company which when he is finally terminated in December will give him a longer severance package.  He also got a pay raise which also affects the severance package!  God has indeed been very good to us.

So Gary is working on his resume and will begin in earnest to look for a job this month.  Please be in prayer for the job search.  It is not easy in this economy to find a job.  We are also looking at some  other options for income – pray that we would have wisdom as to which to pursue and for fruit from those pursuits.

We are thankful that Gary has a job until the end of the year.  We look forward to seeing what God has for us at the other side of the bend that we are now  traveling.