This morning I had a meeting downtown so I packed my running shoes for a “quick” run around the chain of lakes!  The leaves were beautiful, temps mild and I was making good time with my run –  until. . . .

mid way around Lake Calhoun, I was running on the worn trail next to the asphalt.  There were two reasons for this; 1) there were a lot of people and it was easier to run along side the asphalt and not have to continually dodge people and 2) I have been wanting to do more running on trails rather than asphalt because next year I want to do the Walker North Country marathon which is all on trails.

So I am booking along thinking what a gorgeous run it is and suddenly I find myself flat on the ground.  I must have tripped on a tree root or something and down I went.  It was a “soft” landing since I was on the sand, but it must have looked pretty spectacular because another runner looked a bit concerned when he asked if I was ok.  I learned from my dad that when something goes wrong, you get up, dust yourself off and get back on the horse or in this case start running again.

However as soon as I started running again, my right knee began to hurt, so I stopped to check it out.  Skinned and starting to swell a bit.   Left elbow was also beginning to hurt and the throbbing continued to get worse for the rest of the run.  I did cut off 3.5 miles of the run.  Getting back to the van, I cleaned off the dirt and the elbow pain began to get more intense.


The Knee - Not so bad! Doesn't show the swelling!



The elbow - doesn't look bad, but the pain is fairly intense!



Knee - post shower and cleaned up. The elbow didn't clean up nicely. Still looks bad!