Giovanna Loves Music!

She has learned to play a few things with one hand on the piano!

Playing an instrument seemed like an impossibility with her physical limitations.  But when my youngest son began Violin lessons a coupe years, she began to pull out his violin and “experiment” with different ways to “play” it.  I began to think about stringed instruments more and more.  And there are some that you don’t have to hold – like the cello and the bass!

Thus began the L O N G search for a cello instructor that would be willing to work with Giovanna and stay there for the long haul while she gained muscle strength needed for bowing and fingering.  Her arms are very weak and she has always been able to figure out what things were “therapy” and those that were “fun” and would always find a way out of the therapy.  Playing a musical instrument is “fun” meeting “therapy”!

For months she kept reminding me, almost daily about looking for a teacher and a cello.  This fall the pieces fell together and today was her first lesson.  For one who was constantly reminding me and asking questions incessantly about Cello and when  she could start, she was speechless at her lesson.  I don’t think she said a word – but she was extremely happy!

First Lesson - All Smiles!

The cello is almost as big as her, but she seems ready to do the work  necessary to start playing.  Her first question, “How play Twinkle Twinkle Star?”  It will be a little while before she is playing that one – for now we need to work on arm strength – the bow is a bit to heavy for her to hold at this point!  It will take lots of repetition of bending the arm at the elbow to isolate the bicep to get the strength necessary for her to hold the bow on her own!  She wants to use the shoulder which is not the proper movement.  Pray for endurance as we work on this.  Today, she did one or two on her own and then went right into the shoulder movement.  I have to  hold her shoulder in place to keep it from moving!  This could be a long process – but if playing the cello keeps her motivated, it will be soooooo worth it.

So for now – it is back to holding the bow and bending the elbow for as many reps as she will tolerate!  She doesn’t feel it now – but tomorrow could be a different story!