When I am overseas, I take taxi’s everywhere.  In some locations, the price is negotiated prior to getting into the vehicle.  Other places have metered taxi’s.  Some have both types.  It is always an adventure.  Some  have interesting spelling for the adventure:

Taksi anyone!

But no matter how you spell the word, it is always an interesting ride! Some taxi drivers are very talkative and want to know why I am in their country?  Where I am from? and What I enjoy most about being there?  It is a good chance for them to practice their English!  Others are not as talkative and seem to be intimidated by have a whole taxi full of foreigners who are talking away about what they are seeing or experiencing.

I have learned over the past couple of years to “read” the taxi driver fairly well and know whether to expect conversation or not.   There are some things that are always difficult – like the offerings that are on the dashboard to the gods.  Some are very fragrant and can give me a headache.  Sometimes the driver smokes heavily and I leave the taxi smelling like I am the one who has been smoking!  The ride is always interesting as I take in the “view” from the taxi!

When I am back in the States, I am the taxi driver and this year it has been challenging to get everyone where they need to be at the time they need to be there!  However I am learning to “study” my kids and ask relevant questions.  I love having them one at a time in the car or van with me and hearing what is on their hearts, what is overwhelming them, challenging them or what they are enjoying at the moment.  Those times with them as we drive from place to place are so precious and it gives me a window into their hearts.

Some drives however, are not so fun.  Those are the ones where I am under the gun to make it from point A to point B and realistically there really is not enough time to do it!  Every Monday Afternoon is one of those times and I am stressed to the max trying to everyone from their respective point A to point B and so far – it has happened.  It is tight because in 2 hours I have 6 stops and over 50 miles to travel.  Here is the overview;

12:22  Put Giovanna on the bus for school and immediately get Geoffrey in the car to travel to Roseville for his creative writing class (it begins at 1).

1:15  Pick Courtney up from the Down town Campus and drive to Eagan, dropping her off at work and then back home to wait for Giovanna to be dropped off at home.

2:00  Leave with both Caleb and Giovanna to drop Caleb off at Cross Country and then head back to Roseville to pick up Geoffrey.  He needs to be picked up by 2:40 or there is a fine.  If I hit all the lights just right and there is no weather slowing traffic down – I just make it.

The ride home is much more peaceful – unless Giovanna and Geoffrey decide to have a “discussion” and then things can get a bit heated.

I am adjusting to being the taxi driver this year – but overall I would rather let someone else do the driving!