Three weeks ago, I started the Integrated Listening System ( iLS) with Giovanna with the goal in mind that it would help to unlock what is already in her head with respect to language.

After three weeks I am encouraged!

This system is not easy to explain, but here is a video that explains a bit about the program and how it works.  Some of it is a bit technical – but it gives a good picture of how it works and the outcomes that can be expected.

Basically it is an auditory system that helps to retrain the brain!

It seems to be working!  I am beginning to see some results.  Things like the ability to memorize things AND repeat them back to you after a lapse of time.  This has never happened before!  Her attention span is improving and increasing.  All things that I have not seen in the past!

However there have been some growing pains and I have had to really pray about how to deal with some things.  One of the things that happens to her is that she has trouble controlling her impulses and temper.  When things seem to be going out of control, at least from her perspective, I noticed that she began wrapping herself up in her blanket.  This led to some  research and conversations with others who have similar children.  One answer that seems to be helpful – a weighted blanket.

After some research to find a good pattern, I took Giovanna to the store to pick out material.  True to form, she  picked out pink fleece with horses on it.  The coordinating fabric  for the other side is a brown curly extremely soft material, which reminds me of the fabric on some of her stuffed animals that she dearly loves.  I have all the supplies – now I just need to find time to put it together!

The days are long and hard.  Giovanna’s school takes about 2-3 hours each and every day.  Some days everything seems to click.  Other days it is like torture for both of us!  Those are the days that I wish someone else could be her teacher and then the words of the neuro-psychologist came back into my mind, “Home Schooling is the best place for her to be.  There are fewer distractions and she has the best chance of learning.”

So I continue to keep pushing forward one step at a time, one session at a time.  She is learning and she is able to tell me what she is learning – motivation for both of us!