I am done with the grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks . . . . well at least the majority of it.  I will be back at the store in about 2 days for more milk.  I really need a larger refrigerator, but not in my kitchen.   A larger refrigerator would take over the kitchen!  Grocery shopping in one of my least favorite household chores.  It is not easy to feed 7 people, three of which are teenagers and 5 of which are ALWAYS HUNGRY and always tell me there is nothing to eat!  How did my mom do it!

Our grocery bill is huge, especially since 3 of us can’t eat wheat or gluten of any kind and I only shop the outside perimeter of the store.  I can only imagine what it would be like if I shopped the whole store!   It is typical for us to go through 15-20 pounds of fruit; 4 gallons of milk, 2 loaves of bread (for those who can eat wheat bread),  3-4 pounds of cheese and several of the large tubs of yogurt (we make a lot of smoothies) and who knows how many pounds of meat!

However this time I made my menus up for the whole week, got my list together by store and went out to do the 2 week shopping stock up.  It was actually more than just the regular 2 week stock up since I had let many things run out over the summer.   Now that we are back in school, the cupboards are stocked and I am ready to go for the next few days at least.  The list made things go much faster, even though I had kids with me “helping” with this task.  Over all 3 hours isn’t bad and I got it done in one afternoon!  Generally I do it over three days!

Now if I could just get someone to cook dinner tonight!