Sunday morning we were up and going and went to Split Rock Light House.  The light house has been in existence for 100 years.  In the early part of the 20th century, iron ore was a booming business and shipping it on Lake Superior was a busy thoroughfare.  In    1905 there was a series of storms that plagued Lake Superior, but one night in particular stands out and prompted the building of many light houses along the shore.  That night was 28 November 1905 when 29 ships were either badly damaged or sunk.  It was after this night that the cry went out to congress to do something to make the coastline, which has been dubbed, “The most dangerous piece of coastline in the world,” safer for the iron ore ships.

Congress responded and bought the parcel of land that now houses the Split Rock light house for $200 and building began in 1909 and it was completed in 1910 when operation began.  The lighthouse was in operation from 1910-1969 and fell under the direction of several different government agencies.  The last agency to operate the light house was the coast guard and when it was finally considered obsolete, the property was handed over to the  Minnesota Historical society.

The light house stands on a cliff that is 139 feet high.  It is an impressive to look at.

The light on the hill!

The water was shimmering in the sun light!

And I had some fun playing with settings on my camera.  The Light house made a great “subject” to try these new settings on!  Some of the more interesting ones;

Beautiful light house on the cliff!


An interesting technique that I am still learning how to use effectively.

After looking at the light house it was time to explore the beach.  Cricket in true form, was jumping from rock to rock.  The kids enjoying exploring;

The boys have "conquered"!

The "Princess" on her royal throne!

Part of the "175?" stairs to get from the light house to the beach!

We were told that there were 175 steps to get from the light house down to the beach.   However the boys when they counted came up with a different number!  But they were fun and I was thinking how I used to run stairs as part of my training in High School.  These would be some fun stairs to run!

A very relaxing and fun time!