Labor day weekend found the Ayers family minus one up in the northern part of Minnesota.  A first for most of us.  For years I have heard how beautiful the North county was, but until now it would not have been a fun trip.  Even though it took almost 14 years to get here – it was worth the wait.

We drove through Lutsen and I was reminded of the marathon that will be happening there in a couple of weeks.  The marathon is on trails with a huge hill at mile 26 – I loved the area and will be adding that marathon to my list next year!

This year it was about hiking and we began our time with hiking up to the summit of Eagle Mountain – the highest point in Minnesota at 2,301 feet.  It is not a mountain, but a really high hill, but a very fun hike through the woods and up the side of the mountain hill.  To get to the summit, we have to hike about 3.5 miles on a trail which for the most part was fairly easy.  Garrett quickly took the lead, along with Giovanna.  He was so nimble and quick going over the rock and it was easy to see how he got the nick name “Cricket”.  he was looking out for his little sister, at least until we reached the bigger rocks.  Then he was off and “jumping” from rock to rock.  He had a great time but he did stop to enjoy the spectacular views!

Giovanna was amazing as she hiked the whole trail to the summit.  She just kept moving!  It was a long trek for her, but she made it the whole way!  She was so excited to reach the top!  After reaching the top, we stopped for lunch.  This gave her muscles a chance to rest, but they also stiffened up!  Th hike down the mountain was not so easy for her.  She made it about half way and then Garrett carried her the rest of the way.  What a sweet thing for him to do.  He gave up leading the family to serve his sister.

Geoffrey, aka Mr. Chatterbox, talked all the way up and most of the way back.  The only time he wasn’t talking was when Caleb and I were running.  He had to work a bit to keep up as by now he was carrying the back pack with food and water.  It was amazing to hear the vat variety of subjects he covered in 3.5 hours!

At the Summit of Eagle Mountain!

Caleb, true to form, sang his way up and down the trail except for when he was running!  Hiking is not what he was looking to most, but he was a good sport for all the rest of us who loved this hike!

The Hiking Party!

After hiking we drove to Grad Marais.  What a pleasant p lace to end the day.  Our hotel was near the beach of Lake Superior, only a 2 minute walk and we could look out our window and see it from our room.  Most were pretty tired and hungry from the afternoon hike.  However where we decided to eat had at least an hour wait.  So Giovanna and I went in search of fudge for dessert.  Mission accomplished!  We had some of the best burgers at My Sister’s Place.  It was well worth the wait.

Waiting for Supper at My Sister's Place

Even after an afternoon of hiking, Cricket still had some energy left;

Practicing his dance moves!

All in all – it was a great day.