Tomorrow I will be saying my final good-bye to a good friend, a sage and a wonderful prayer intercessor.  Ruth was called home around 11 PM on Saturday.  It is so great to think of her in the arms of the savior she loved.

Ruth was a woman who invested her life in many ways and in many generations.  She was willing to pray for me and many others as we encountered the hard knocks of life.  This tree reminds me of Ruth – she seemed to be everywhere there was a need.  Her hands touched many lives and she was loved by many in my church.

She was the woman who taught me to pray, not because she had a system that she taught me but because it was her lifestyle.  I served on a prayer team with her and her prayers always stirred my heart to pray more.  She knew her God well and prayed for miracles.  My youngest daughter is here as a result of Ruth praying for her to join our family (as well as many others who prayed for us as well through this time).   Her legacy  of prayer is absolutely astounding. She never seemed to grow weary of praying for the needs of those around here.  She is now hearing well done from her Lord!

I will never forget how she walked me through my last pregnancy that had some complications.  I was having pre-term labor and the doctor put me on bed rest – with 3 children 7 and under!  Due to her many  years as a nurse midwife, she was able to help me navigate several months of “bed rest” and yet still be a mom to my kids.   She also gave me some tips to make labor go faster but Geoffrey decided to make things interested and got stuck for about 30 minutes!  So much for all those ideas on making labor go faster!

Ruth will be missed by many families.  She invested her life on many levels and in different generations.  She truly was on who would “stand in the gap” for people.  She lived her life to the full and gave her all for those around her.  Enjoy the sweet embrace of your savior and know that you are missed here.  But you are in a much better place and I cant wait to see you someday.

Good-bye my dear sweet Ruth.  I will miss your smile and your servant heart!  But more than anything else,  I will miss your prayer covering on my life.