Sunday was a big day for the Ayers family.  Garrett and Courtney became members of our church!  It was fun to see them take this step along with a couple of their friends.  Here are some pictures from the morning worship service.

There were 18 people who became members on Sunday.

Pastor David's words of encouragement

The four friends who became members together!

Pastor David welcomes the new members!

Pastor David is always the first to greet all the new members and extend the right hand of fellowship.  It was extra sweet when he introduced Garrett and Courtney as brother and sister.  These two birthday buddies have indeed become “best friends” and love enjoying life together.  What a sweet blessing from the Lord to see these two walking the path of life together – at least for now.  The laughter i hear from these two is indeed sweet music to my ear.  May the Lord continue to bless them as they walk together along the path that the Lord has given them.