I have a love hate relationship with technology.  When it works with no problems, I love it.  When it doesn’t work, I am not so fond of it!  However since starting CLUB 4th, I have had to begin to embrace technology.

My trip to SE Asia was the first time I traveled with a lot of technology – laptop, video projector and all the cords to hook it up to my laptop, digital video cameras (2); my camera, MP3 player + speakers to use with it for various rooms!  It is not easy going through airport security with all of these things!  Some airports make you open up everything – others do not!

However the kids loved having the computer with all the pictures taken by a team of people available for  use in making a slide show for the closing program!  What fun to watch them work with all the technology – picking the pictures, adding music, deciding on the length each picture should be on the screen!  Having a Mac made it so much easier than my old PC!  What is even more exciting to me is that I came home with a slide show to show people when asked about the trip.

God did some amazing things on this trip and I have not been able to put it all in writing yet!  However having a pictorial representation is wonderful.

Upon returning from the trip, my response to traveling with all this technology – I really need a tech  person to handle it all!  So my son is getting up to speed with all my electronics  and he will be responsible for downloading pictures to the computer, organizing them; taking still pictures and video; making sure we have all that is needed for each trip with regard to electronics and setting it all up!  Whew – what a relief from my mind.  He loves it and I tolerate it!  I think this is a win-win solution!