Summer running has been a challenge in Minnesota.  The humidity levels have been unbelievably high this summer.  The temps have also been running a bit higher but in combination with the humidity, it feels very tropical.  I struggle more to run here than I did in SE Asia –  now that says a lot!  With such high temps and humidity levels, each breath is difficult, almost like there is a heavy brick laying on my chest!

However there is a good side to all of this – I have lost at least 8 pounds!  This makes almost all of my clothes too big and I am not going out to purchase new things!  It is hard to believe that I have lost so much weight, but between a new diet – no wheat and minimal sugar, sweating profusely when I run and running and biking consistently, I have at least toned up and lost some weight in the process.

Thankful for the small things that are coming as a result of running!