According to the tour guides, this is a “Must See” when you are in SE Asia.  The full name of this temple is Pura Luhur Uluwatu.  Luhur means “something of divine nature”.  Uluwatu can be broken down into ulu or land’s end and watu  which means rock.  This temple sits on 250 feet up from the Indian Ocean on top of a steep cliff.  Uluwatu is one of the oldest temples on the island and it is considered an architectural wonder made out of black coral rock.  The views from the top of the cliff over the clear waters of the Indian Ocean are absolutely amazing.

I was there on a very bright sunny day and the views from the top of the cliff were spectacular.  The only thing that marred the day, just a bit, were the monkeys!  We had a great tour guide who warned us about the monkeys and told us to put everything in to bag – earrings, glasses, etc.  I am very thankful that he was very stern and insistent with his warnings – several women and men lost those things!

Here are some pictures from the afternoon adventure – complete with traditional dancing and sunset!

Sun reflecting on the Indian Ocean!

My excellent adventure companions - it was a lovely day!

The Uluwatu temple!

This pictorial history would not be complete without  a picture of;

The monkeys! This one chewing on the hair band that he had just taken!

Our amazing guide - Yeoman!

Yeoman was great and as we were walking were along the trail he would continually hit the ground with his stick to keep the monkeys away!  He was also good at explaining some of the different Hindu rituals.  He had a great sense of humor!

The night ended with a beautiful sunset over the ocean and traditional Dancing.

Sunset over the Indian Ocean.

The dancing was beautiful and the dancers were so expressive.  It was fun to watch this traditional dance which told a complete story.  It ended with a fire dance –