I love coming to Asia because I am able to experience some of the freshest fruit on the planet!  This time I am learning about some new  fruit!

Here is what I had for snack today –  any guesses as to what it might be?

Morning Snack!

This is called snake fruit  or Salak because of the  reddish-brown scaly covering – much like snake-skin.  This fruit grows in clusters at the base of the Palm tree.  The fruit is about the size of a fig and has a distinct tip.  The skin is easily removed by pinching the tip and the skin just peels away.

The peel looks like a shed snake-skin!

The actual fruit is white and there are 3 sections.

The feel of the fruit is similar to peeled garlic and the texture is like an apple.  The taste is hard to explain, but it is very good.

The inedible seed.

I am looking forward to having more of this one!