I grew up playing classical piano.  I took lessons for 12 years and love classical music.  But I also like jazz and hip hop and big band and. . .  .  well you get the idea.  When it comes to music, my tastes are somewhat eclectic!

Music uses lots of words to describe songs and how they are to be played.  For example – Dolce means sweetly; forte= loud;  Adagio – slow and restful and so on .  But my son uses words like “epic” and “cool”  – these words are not in my music vocabulary!   These words are not common to any music dictionary!

So what makes a piece of music epic or cool?  This was the discussion as we headed home from Basket ball camp today.  I did not get a definition – but I did get examples.

Now you can listen and learn and hopefully you can define the difference!

Here is the “Cool” song

The “Epic” worship song

and “Epic”  Song

So here is the challenge – is this song Epic or Cool?