Sometimes after I have trained really hard and completed the race, pushing through the pain, there is a euphoric feeling for a while and then the let down of it all being over.  This summer I have to keep training since I have another race, a duathlon, in August and a half marathon in October.  While I don’t have to train hard, I do need to stay in shape and keep a level of fitness for the next two races.

So I have set some goals to keep me motivated and focused for the summer;

The first goal is to make the transition to barefoot running.  Now that I don’t have the pressure of having to make the distance by a certain time, i.e. marathon, I can ease into it.  I have done most of my runs post marathon in my barefoot shoes!  I can feel more of my muscles working and getting stronger the more I run barefoot.  It is amazing how much stability and cushion is built into the shoes and how weak the ankle becomes by running in them!  My stride is getting longer and I am running more relaxed.  I still feel everything on the road when I run, but over time my feet should “toughen” up some so that I don’t feel everything!

The second goal is to work on speed which means more interval training and pace runs.  I am shooting for consistency in my running – working on 9 minutes/mile or less.  To qualify for Boston, I need to run 9 minute miles.  So far I have been hitting 9 – 9:1o minutes/mile.  This is good – now to build that speed into my long runs!

The last goal is to enjoy each and every run and take time to see the glory of God all around me.  Sometimes my running serves only as a stress release – which is good, but I want to enjoy the run while I train hard and work on the fundamentals – which is not all that enjoyable.  To take my running to the next level, I need to go back and work on the basics and find my joy in doing so.

I am also going to add weight lifting into the mix.  I need to work on  strengthening the upper body and getting the core into shape.  This would really help  my long distance running – but I really don’t like to do it.   However, we now have the ability to lift at home, so I am really without any excuse.  I have been lifting for about 3 weeks and can tell a difference – I am just not use to working out every day!  I only run 3-4 times per week and adding strength training in adds 2 more days!  I will get used to it – maybe!

I am looking forward to running this summer at a more relaxed pace, doing more biking in preparation for the duathlon and enjoying God in Creation!

Anyone want to join me for a run or a bike ride?