Since I had so much fun on 26 June 1991, we decided to do it agin in 1993 when I found myself  again in the Antelope Valley Hospital giving birth.  This time to a healthy baby boy named Garrett!  He was so much different from Courtney but he was so cute!

Garrett at 2 weeks!

Garrett has grown into a very nice young man who is seeking the LORD.  He is learning to step out in faith and trust the LORD in the hard things.  He has grown a lot in this past year and has learned much.  At seventeen, he has a depth to his faith and is learning to depend on the LORD to be his all in all.

17 and ready for the world - well maybe not quite yet!

Garrett is very creative and made a trebuchet for our medieval feast;

Ready - Aim. . . .


He also loves Basketball.  He has played on two different home school teams.  He  has been nick-named “cricket” due to his ability to jump.  It is amazing how high he can jump.

Garrett and his grandpa at the Omaha tournament!

Garrett warming up!

South Metro Huskies 2010!

Some of my favorite pictures of Garrett over the past 17 years!

Garrett's depiction of the things he really enjoys!

The birthday buddies are also good friends and enjoy spending time together!

Garrett was baptized in May - what a joy to celebrate with him the work that God has been doing in his life.

Garrett is my handy man – he can figure out how to fix just about anything.  It is fun to watch him problem solve different things around the house and to design things as well.  His current design project is a car.  He would love to build his own car!

Garrett is a deep thinker and will come up with some tough questions at times.  He has been doing this since he was 3 or 4!  God has given him a mind that is willing to wrestle through the tough issues until he understands them.

Happy Birthday Garrett.  I have loved watching you grow and mature over these past 17 years.  You are a young man who loves the LORD and beginning to step out in faith in those hard areas of life.  May the Lord continue to grow you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I will always be there for you as you navigate the path of life that the LORD has laid out before you.